2021 The Unexpected Humor of Ellsworth Kelly

"Artists Quarantine With Their Art Collections," 23 installments from May 2, 2020 to April 24, 2021 

Artillery Magazine
2016 Frank Stella: A Retrospective
2015 "The Forever Now" at MoMA
2014 Whitney Biennial: The Party Rolls Along
2013 Paul McCarthy Goes Rococo 
2012 “Weegee: Murder is My Business” at ICP

Art in America
2010 “Rackstraw Downes: Infrastructure”
2009 “Zero & Friends”
2008 “Inside the Harlem Renaissance” (Aaron Douglas)
2007 “The Things He Carried” (Kim Jones)
“Toon Noir” (Joyce Pensato)
“Collateral Damage” (Isa Genzken) 
2006 “Muehl’s New Material Actions” (Otto Muehl)
“Color Pioneer” (Saul Leiter)

The Brooklyn Rail
2006 Interview with Kim Jones

Art on Paper
2005 “The Photograph as Canvas” 

Exhibition reviews

Trudy Benson at Lisa Cooley
Nancy Haynes at Regina Rex
Julia Kunin at Sandra Gering
Susan Bee at Southfirst
Joachim Koester at Greene Naftali
Rebecca Warren at Matthew Marks
Ezra Johnson at Freight+Volume
Sarah McEneaney at Tibor de Nagy
David Kramer at Thierry Goldberg
Diana Al-Hadid at Marianne Boesky
Martin Creed at Gavin Brown’s Enterprise and Hauser+Wirth
Gregory Amenoff at Alexandre Gallery
“Portfolios from Peter Blum Edition,” Peter Blum Gallery

Art in America
“Michael Scott/Gering Lopez”
“Gordon Moore/Betty Cuningham”
"Ross Knight/Team"
“Nick Mauss/303 Gallery”
“Robert Heinecken/Friedrich Petzel”
“Richard Pousette-Dart/Luhring Augustine”
“Sara Greenberger Rafferty/Rachel Uffner Gallery”
“Robert Swain/Hunter College Times Square and Minus Space”
“Sarah Walker/Pierogi”
“Marlene Dumas/David Zwirner”
“Richard Smith/Flowers”
“Ian Pedigo/Klaus von Nichtssagend”
“Stefanie Gutheil/Mike Weiss”
“Leonardo Drew/ Sikkema Jenkins”
“Peter Halley/ Mary Boone”
“William Daniels/ Luhring Augustine”
“Denyse Thomasos, Lennon Weinberg” 
“Inka Essenhigh, 303 Gallery” 
“R M Fischer at K S Arts”
“Sean Duffy at Susanne Veilmetter”
“Simon Bill at Patrick Painter”
“Mariah Robertson at Marvelli”
“Sharon Horvath at Lori Bookstein”
“Rosy Keyser at Peter Blum Chelsea”
“Jane Fine at Pierogi”
“Caragh Thuring at Simon Preston”
“Joanne Greenbaum and Elliot Green at D’Amelio Terras”
“James Hyde at Southfirst: Art”
“Jack Youngerman at Joan Washburn”
“Richard Allen Morris at Peter Blum Chelsea”
“Gaylen Gerber and Joe Scanlan at Wallspace”
“John Stezaker at Friedrich Petzel” 
“Josh Smith at Luhring Augustine”
“Carolee Schneemann at Carolina Nitch and PPOW”
“Aaron Curry at Michael Werner”
“Tony Oursler at Metro Pictures” 
“David Shapiro at Pierogi”
“Peter Pinchbeck at Gary Snyder and Luise Ross," May 
“Mary Lum at Frederieke Taylor”
“Alison Schulnick at Mike Weiss”
“Nathan Carter at Casey Kaplan”
“David Tremlett at Gering Lopez”
“Warren Isensee at Danese”
“Sarah Braman at Museum 52”
“Matthew Day Jackson at Nicole Klagsbrun and Peter Blum Chelsea”
“Kim Fisher at John Connelly Presents”
“Richard Tuttle at Sperone Westwater”
“Matthew Blackwell at Edward Thorp”
“Judy Fox at PPOW”
“Keith Sonnier at Castelli”
“Robert Whitman at PaceWildenstein”
“Thomas Kiesewetter at Roberts & Tilton”
“Mike Nelson at The Essex Street Market”
“Channa Horwitz at SolwayJones”
“Sean Higgins at sixspace”
“Iva Gueorguieva at Carl Berg”
“Isidro Blasco at DCKT”
“Joe Fyfe at JG Contemporary”
“Bill Jensen at Cheim & Read”
“John Wesley at Fredericks & Freiser”
“Peter Piller at Andrew Kreps”
“Eve Aschheim at Lori Bookstein”
“Pamela Jorden at Klaus von Nichtssagen”
“John Baldessari at Marian Goodman”
“Mary Temple and Liza McConnell at Smack Mellon”
“Raoul De Keyser at David Zwirner”
“Wendy White at Sixtyseven”
“Greg Bogin at Leo Koenig”
“Elizabeth Cooper at Thrust Projects”
“Dona Nelson at Thomas Erben” 
“Joe Coleman at Tilton Gallery”
“Joseph Marioni at Peter Blum”
“Bernard Cohen at Flowers”
“Stephen Westfall at Lennon, Weinberg”
“Amy Sillman at Sikkema Jenkins”
“Cy Twombly at Gagosian”
“Richard Artschwager at Gagosian”
“Rebecca Warren at Matthew Marks”
“Lari Pittman at Barbara Gladstone” 
“Roy Deforest at George Adams” 
“Gary Petersen at Michael Steinberg” 
“Nicolas Carone at Lohin Geduld” 
“Mike Kelley at Gagosian” 
“Anne Tabachnick at Lori Bookstein” 
“Carl Fudge at Ronald Feldman” 
“Pedro Barbeito at Lehmann Maupin” 
“Jamie Dalglish at Match Artspace” 
“Robert Bordo at Alexander and Bonin” 
“Marcia Hafif at Baumgartner” 
“Don Hazlitt at Andre Zarre” 
“Philip Pearlstein at Betty Cuningham” 
“Sean Scully at Galerie Lelong” 
“Pierre Soulages at Robert Miller and Haim Chanin” 
“Luc Tuymans at David Zwirner” 
“William Tucker at McKee” 
“Gregory Crewdson at Luhring Augustine” 
“Fred Williams at L.A. Louver” 
“Monique Prieto at Cheim & Read” 
“Pat Passlof at Elizabeth Harris” 
“Rob Fischer at Cohan Leslie” 
“Suzanne McClelland at Larissa Goldston” 
“Sol LeWitt at PaceWildenstein, Madison Square Park and the Metropolitan Museum” 
“Eric Fischl at Mary Boone” 
“Martin Kippenberger at Luhring Augustine, Gagosian and Nyehaus”
“Odili Donald Odita at Florence Lynch” 
“James Nelson at McKenzie” 
“Philip Pavia at OK Harris” 
“Keith Sonnier at PaceWildenstein” 
“Judie Bamber at Gorney Bravin Lee” 
“Dawn Clements at Pierogi and Feigen” 
“David Reed at Max Protetch” 
“Lisa Hoke at Elizabeth Harris” 
“Lydia Dona at Michael Steinberg” 
“Cora Cohen at Jason McCoy” 
“Dirk Skreber at Friedrich Petzel” 
“Sofi Zezmer at Mike Weiss” 
“Albert Oehlen at Luhring Augustine and Nolan Eckman” 
“Claire Seidl at Rosenburg+ Kaufmann” 
“Janaina Tschape at Brent Sikkema” 
“James Brooks at Artemis Greenberg Van Doren” 
“Arnold Helbling at Roebling Hall” 
“Margaret Neill at Metaphor Contemporary Art” 

www.artnet.com magazine
Space is the Place: “I can’t quite place it…” at Smack Mellon
Painting Presentation: Presentational Painting III
Dateline Brooklyn:
Peter Finnemore, Jim Nolan, Stephen Westfall, Elizabeth Grady, Rick Briggs, Sharon Lawless, more.
Chris Martin, Erik Moskowitz, Phong Bui, Sante Scardillo, Adam Simon, Jesse Bercowitz and Matt Bua, Siemon Allen, more.
Thornton Willis, James Little, Rich Timperio, Margaret Neill, Jim Torok, more.
Thomas Lendvai, Mark Power, Katherine Bradford, Tony Fitzpatrick, more.
Dannielle Tegeder, Sarah Oppenheimer, R.H. Quaytman, Michelle Handelman, Kathe Burkhart, more.
DeWitt Godfrey, Jaq Chartier, Janice Caswell, Beth Brideau, "Gravity Racers," more.
Brooklyn galleries sizzle throughout the summer.
A trio of solo debuts brightens the Williamsburg scene.
Ups and downs in "Open House: Working in Brooklyn."
Video at Southfirst, doodle art at Pierogi, "Anti-Oasis" at Black
& White, more.
Photoplay at Smack Mellon, Momenta, Sideshow, more.
David Opdyke, Jane Callister, Jacques Flechemuller, Mie Yim, Yoko Inoue, more.
Joe Amrhein, Joe Fig, Jackie Gendel, Evan Lintermans, Peter Scott, more.

Art on Paper
Kohei Yoshiyuki: The Park at Yossi Milo
Robert Heinecken: Image as Object at Roth”
Mary Miss at Senior & Shopmaker
Jack Warren at Larissa Goldston”
Taiji Matsue at Cohen Amador
Jeff Brouws at Paul Mann
Wallpaper LAB at Lennon, Weinberg
“Eva Hesse Drawing” at The Drawing Center
“Richard Diebenkorn at Greenberg Van Doren”
“Photo Libris at Howard Greenberg”
“Nicolas Nixon at Yossi Milo”
“Erika Somogyi at Monya Rowe”
“Imagined Worlds at AXA Gallery”
“Ernst Benkert at Kentler International Drawing Space”
“Looking at Words at Andrea Rosen”
Tam Van Tran at Cohen Leslie”
“George Negroponte at Jason McCoy”
Building and Breaking the Grid, 1962-2002, Whitney Museum of American Art”
“Ellsworth Kelly at Susan Sheehan”
Burgoyne Diller at Michael Rosenfeld
“H.C. Westermann at Lennon, Weinberg”
“Pat Steir: Drawings at Cook Fine Art”
“Ingrid Calame at James Cohan”
“Bob Blackburn at Bill Hodges Gallery”
“Lane Twitchell at Greenberg Van Doren”
“Unica Zurn at Ubu”

The Brooklyn Rail
Remote Viewing, Whitney Museum of American Art

Cy Twombly: Treatise on the Veil
Quicksand: Judy Pfaff 
The Aldrich at 50
Fran Siegel: Mapping the City
Tunnel Vision: Allison Gildersleeve at Asya Giesberg Gallery
de Kooning Roundtable: discussion of “de Kooning: A Retrospective” at MoMA
“The Reductive Expands,” review of “Pointing a Telescope at the Sun” at Minus Space
“The Aldrich at a Crossroads,” review of Portraiture at the Aldrich
Contemporary Art Museum

Variety Trumps Argument at the Bronx River Art Center: review of “The Working Title”
The Big (Juicy) Apple: Three current shows of abstract painterliness 
The Last Roar of Leon Golub: "Live & Die Like a Lion?" at The Drawing Center
“Dawn Clements at The Boiler”
“John Himmelfarb at Luise Ross Gallery”
“Paul Corio at 210 Gallery”
“Rosemarie Fiore: ‘Pyrotechnics’ at Priska C. Juschka Fine Art”
“David Diao: ‘I lived there until I was 6…’ at Postmasters”
“R. H. Quaytman: chapter 12: iamb at Miguel Abreu Gallery”
“Daniel Hesidence: 1779/Pedestrians at Feature Inc.”

Artillery Magazine
Peter Soriano: New Work/Lennon, Weinberg
Nan Goldin: Scopophilia/Matthew Marks
Carrie Moyer: Canonical/CANADA
David Shapiro: Money Is No Object/Sue Scott Gallery
William Villalongo/Susan Inglett Gallery
Don Christensen Digitalized/Sideshow
Raquel Nave: Live Free in Hell/Mountain Fold

NYFA Current (www.nyfa.org)
“Stephen Maine on Carriage Trade’s Another Green World”
“Stephen Mueller’s Small Paintings by Stephen Maine”

New Economy at Artists Space
Enrique Metinides at Anton Kern
Helio Oiticica and Neville D’Almeida at Galerie Lelong

The New York Sun
“A Delicious Paradox” (“?abstraction” at Gary Snyder Project Space)
Fertile Ground in the Photo” (Derek Boshier at Flowers and Berend Strik at Tilton Gallery)
“Machine as Metaphor” (Andy Graydon at LMAK Projects and Holli Schorno at Pavel Zoubok)
“Outflanking the Avant-Garde” (Dieter Roth: Drawings at Gladstone Gallery)
“A Landslide and a Cocktail Party” (Rosy Keyser at Peter Blum Chelsea and Matt Connors at Canada)
“Brand Boosters” (John Zinsser at James Graham & Sons and Ruth Root at Andrew Kreps)
“Hip to History” (Larry Poons at Jacobson Howard and Al Taylor at Zwirner and Wirth)
“From Glitter to Grit” (Freeze Frame at Thrust Projects)
“Call-and-Response” (Jackie Saccoccio at Eleven Rivington and Carolanna Parlato at Elizabeth Harris)
“Patch Work” (Ross Knight at Team)
“Natural Disorder” (Per Kirkeby at Michael Werner)
“A Close Focus on the Aimless” (Mark DiSuvero at Paula Cooper)
“Space Invader” (Steven Parrino at Gagosian)
“Two Artists With Time on Their Side” (Peter Dudek and Elana Herzog at Smack Mellon)
“Poles of the Feminist Spectrum” (Deborah Kass at Paul Kasmin; Dana Frankfort at Bellwether)
“Charcoal With a Charge” (Head of a Girl by James Nelson at McKenzie Fine Art)
“The Dark Side of the Brain” (Midnight’s Daydream at The Studio Museum in Harlem)
“Addressing Liberty Without Literality” (Late Liberties at John Connelly Presents)
“Welcome to the Junkyard” (Salvaged at Pace Wildenstein)
“Their Dark Materials” (Stubborn Materials at Peter Blum Chelsea; Substance & Surface at Bortolami Gallery)
“A Wild Horizon” (Horizon at Elizabeth Foundation for the Arts Gallery)
“Weathered Boards and Churning Crowds” (Alex Hay at Peter Freeman; Wayne Gonzales at Paula Cooper)
“Word by Word, Line by Line” (Text Messages at Adam Baumgold)
“Thickets of Paint” (Anke Weyer at Canada)
“Pop Goes the Easel” (Scott Richter at Elizabeth Harris; Nicolas Krushenick at Mariannne Boesky)
Art in Brief: Glen Baldridge at Klaus von Nichtssagend
“Gloriously Discombobulated” (Joan Mitchell at Cheim & Read and Susan Sheehan Gallery)
Art in Brief: Osamu Kanemura at Cohen Amador Gallery
“Thinking Big” (Frank Stella at the Metropolitan Museum of Art)

Book reviews
COCOA, The Journal of Cornwall Contemporary Art
Spring 2021: "Natural Order: Grey County, Ontario, Canada, Spring 2020" by Edward Burtynsky
Winter 2021: "Hollywood Arensberg: Avant-Garde Collecting in Midcentury L.A." by Mark NElson, William H. Sherman and Ellen                Hoobler
"Ends of the Earth: Land Art to 1974""Ancestral Modern: Australian Aboriginal Art"
"Flannery O'Connor: The Cartoons"
"Lucian Freud Portraits"
"L.A. RAW: Abject Expressionism in Los Angeles 1945-1980"
"Kienholz: The Signs of the Times"
"Draw it with your eyes closed: the art of the art assignment"
"Alighiero e Boetti by Mark Godfrey"
"Untitled Photographs by Tim Barber"
“12 Notable Books of 2011”
“Twice Drawn: Modern and Contemporary Drawings in Context”
“Time Machines” (on Stanley Greenberg: Time Machines)
“Spine by RH Quaytman”
“Jim Shaw Publishes His Dark American Artists Book” (on My Mirage)
“Review From the Underground: Bruce Davidson’s Subway”

The Miraculous by Raphael Rubinstein
In Fashionable Flower: Lee Friedlander's Mannequin
“All the World’s a Combine: Robert Rauschenberg’s Photographs”
“Thriving on Drama and Discordance: The Life of Alice Neel”
“Anatomy of a Sitting: Lucian Freud Paints a Portrait”

www.artnet.com magazine
“Combat Zone: Art Criticism as a Contact Sport, via Jed Perl’s New Art City”

The Art Book
“Howard Hodgkin Prints: a Catalogue Raisonné,” vol. 11 issue 2
“Potential Images,” vol. 10 issue 4
“New York: Capital of Photography,” vol. 10 issue 3
“Jackson Pollock in Venice/The ‘Irascibles’ and the New York School,” vol. 10, issue 2
“Henry Darger: In the Realms of the Unreal,” vol. 10 issue 1

"A Scene Emerges? The form and function of art scenes across America, " COCOA, The Journal of Cornwall Contemporary Art
Report From Kansas City: Live-Work Options,Art in America
Report from the Lower East Side: Mapping New Territory,” Art in America
Report From New York: Down East,Art in America
“Whither Williamsburg? An artist’s neighborhood confronts gentrification,” artnet.com 
“Flatbread + Flat Files = Matzo Files,” Art on Paper

Catalogue essays


"Wild Blue Yonder," for David Collins at Kenise Barnes Fine Art, Kent, CT


"Mark Dagley: Algoriffing," for Neo Op: Mark Dagley at David Richard Gallery, New York

"Dispersion and Accrual," for Janet Nolan: The Art of Redemption at the Jule Collins SMith Museum of Fine Art, Auburn University, Auburn, Alabama


"Life on Mars," for Rotem Reshef/Imprints, Art Space TLV Gallery, Tel Aviv

"Little Nemo in Santaland," Elizabeth Cooper
"Past Present: Conversations Across Time," Allentown Museum of the Lehigh Valley
"Quiet Moments," curated by Susan Hill for Fremantle Arts Centre, Fremantle, Western Australia

"Joy Walker's Grid Paintings"

"Sensory Impact: Beyond the Visual" for "Sensory Impact" at Morgan Stanley, Purchase NY
"Boom Boxes," Steven Baris at DM Contemporary
"To Hold the World in Mind" for "Rebecca Ward: cow tipping" at Ronchini Gallery, London
"Into the Deep," Fredericka Foster at Fischbach Gallery, New York
"Weatherproof," Nancy Manter at Kentler International Drawing Space, Brooklyn
"On This Site," Steven Millar
"Dreamland," Nola Zirin at June Kelly Gallery
"Cover the Earth" for "Pour" at Florida Atlantic University, Boca Raton
"Forward," School of Visual Arts, graduate Fine Arts thesis exhibition catalogue
Notes on incipience, images, and "The Incipient Image"
“Kathryn Kenworth: Street Life”
“Working the Wall” (Wall Works, The Painting Center, NY)
“She Sees Through Walls” (Morgan O’Hara)
“What Belongs Where” (Judith Simonian, New Work at Edward Thorp Gallery)
“Propositions in Paper” (Joan Grubin at the University of Maine, Orono and Union College, Cranston, NJ)
“Depth of Field” (Claire Seidl at Lesley Heller Workspace)
“Maybe a Moon” (Sandi Slone at Elizabeth Leach Gallery; posted on artcritical.com, October 22, 2010 as “The Buxom Eye of Sandi Slone”)
“A Convincing Unlikeness” (Perception Observation, Long Island University, Brooklyn, NY)
“Indoor/Outdoor” (Landscape with Chair and Bench by Jim Osman at the Humanities Gallery, Long Island University, Brooklyn, NY)
“Pedagogical Sketches,” School of Visual Arts, New York. Thesis Catalogue
“John Waters: Home Alone,” Laumeier Sculpture Park, St. Louis, MO
“Snapshots, the Airport, and Lunch,” Gautam Kansara at Real Art Ways, Hartford, CT
“Shock Trooper of the New: Esphyr Slobodkina,” AAA Show, The Painting Center, NY
“Lost and Found in Space” for Kylie Heidenheimer, Bursts, Atmosphere and Stasis   
“Keeping it Real,” Cora Cohen at Abaton Garage, Jersey City, NJ
“Elaine Smollin: Drawings From Palisades,” Kentler International Drawing Space, Brooklyn, NY
“Margaret Neill: The Pleasures of Parallax,” Cheryl Pelavin Gallery, New York
“The Photograph as Canvas,” Aldrich Contemporary Art Museum, Ridgefield, CT
“Brad Brown,” Gonzaga College, Spokane, WA
“Eliot Markell: Seeing Things”
“Julie Gross: flux in sharp focus,” at www.juliegross.com

Other writing
"Discourse≠Art," The Brooklyn Rail, March issue; Artseen section guest-edited by Nancy Princenthal
“Forgotten Memoirs,” in City Secrets Books: The Essential Insider’s Guide. New York: Fang Duff Kahn Publishers
“A Respectful Distance,” in Vector 2. New York: ed. Peter Gregorio